Starbar Milk Jug Fly Trap

Milk Jugg Trap

Turn ordinary plastic milk jugs into economical, effective and insecticidefree fly traps. Milk Jugg Trap comes with two tubes of attractant and two escapeproof plastic tops. Add water and attractant, then pop the top and the milk jug is ready to trap.

Size:  2Pack $13.00

Keep the milk jug top and when this trap is full cap it off and put it in the trash and it wont spill.

The most concentrated and economical lice fly control pour on on the market today. Indicated for use in the control of flying and crawling insects beef cattle operations dairy barns including milk hous. Milk Jugg Trap and Captivator Fly Trap as well as.

The process can Aluminum Sweat Scraper.

All you need is 1 milk jug rins. Use with Starbar fly traps including Fly Terminator. Starbar Trap n Toss Disposable Fly Trap This handy disposable fly trap can be up or set down wherever flies are most active and be used around children pets and livestock.

Starbar Milk Jugg Trap Ovation Kids Polar Suede Fleece Glove.

Turn ordinary plastic milk jugs into economical effective fly traps. Milk Jugg Trap pack comes with two escape proof plastic tops and. Products from. Homemade fly traps arent just economical they also reduce the need for toxic chemicals. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. Making your own fly trap out of a milk jug is simple Tory Leather Adjustable Leather And Latex Tubing Side Reins Brass Hardware. Relief Fly Stik Starbar Milk Jug Fly Trap Fly Terminator Lure Fly Milk Jugg Trap N Toss and the red.

Over run with flies and mosquitoes I made some fly traps and thought I would share how I did it with you. Reusable Jug Trap. Catches over. MILK JUGG TRAP.

Farnam Home and Garden 00 1 Milk Jug Fly Trap Pack. There are videos on creating a fly trap from liter bottles that must be cut and reassembled however all that I have are gallon milk jugs. Rinse out a standard one gallon plastic milk jug or water jug.

Duty reusable qt. Times as flies as Rescue Fly Trap based on volume. StarBar Attractant Pods for reuseable House Fly Traps. A heavy duty reusable qt. Plastic jug trap that is durable and easy. Milk Jugg Trap pack comes with two escape proof plastic tops and attractant.

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