JP Korsteel Racing Dee JP Bits by Korsteel. Unlike a standard jointed snaffle's nearly straight mouthpiece, JP bits have a curved shape that eliminates the interference that conventional bits can cause. All JP bits feature curved bars that prevent the bit from hitting the roof of the horse's mouth and eliminate the nutcrackerlike action that can pinch a horse's tongue. Developed in conjunction with worldrenowned trainer and jockey John Patterson, JP bits provide the utmost comfort for your horse. The unique curved shape of the mouthpiece offers many advantages:

  • Eliminates the nutcracker tonguepinching action of conventional bits
  • Keeps the bit from hitting the roof of the horse's mouth
  • No direct pressure on tongue and bars
  • Replaces bit interference with humane comfort
  • Encourages relaxation and salivation
  • Allows for effective communication between horse and rider
  • Fine handpolished stainless steel
  • Excellent for all training and riding needs
  • Popular bit with curved design that allows extra tongue space $29.99

    Hilason 1 in X Select Equi Cell Supplement. Pelham bits are commonly used for schooling and general riding. Mm Easy Clip Curb Bit Chain Heavy Duty Chrome Steel Snap. Ive always thought the Korsteel products were just as well made as their more expensive.

    This is a terrific Racing JP Korsteel Snaff. JP Korsteel Snaffle Regular. Patterson Copper Link Ring Bit Henri De Rivel Advantage Leather Leadline Pony Saddle. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. From a trusted name with proven performance the Korsteel Slow Twist Ring Snaffle Bit is a popular choice for forward horses or horses that have a. JP Korsteel Oval Mouth Copper Loose Ring Snaffle Bit. Korsteel Stainless Steel Jointed Broken Segunda Racing Ring Snaffle Bit.

    Pony Bit And Bridle Set 1 korsteel D Ring Snaffle. English bits are available in a variety of styles. Products 1 0 of. JP Korsteel Ring Snaffle Bit with Copper Link. Korsteel SS Waterford Ring Snaffle.

    JP Korsteel Oval Mouth Copper Loose Ring.

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    JP Bits by Korsteel with Copper Oval Link. JP Korsteel offers a variety of different types of bits.

    Clr 0 Bit Ring Race Stubben Stainless Steel Single Joint.

    Variety of different types of bits. NEW J P Curve Korsteel Copper Oval Link Ring Snaffle Bit. JP Racing Ring Bit Fleece English Saddle Cover.

    Snaffle bits are the most common usually seen on horses that are being trained. Results 1 1 of 1. Adams Horse Supplies carries a large selection of JP Bits and has Free. Barrel Racing Bits Accessories Breast Collars Bridles Headstalls Cinches Accessories Clothing Accessories. Korsteel JP Copper Oval Mouth Eggbutt Jp Korsteel Racing Dee Snaffle Bit.

    Bit Dr Bristol Jp Korsteel Stainless Steel. Is your best source for high quality Korsteel bits Korsteel stirrups at everyday.

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